Howdy All

By RiSki
Sep 6, 2008
  1. Just wanted to drop in and warn everyone that many questions are about to begin. I don't know if I put myself through all the torture cause I enjoy it or all my family and friends are too lazy to seek their own solutions...
    ah heck, it's my hobby since retiring :)

    Guess I do what I want now, don't I? :)

    Anyway, coming to TechSpot was a manner of kismet, so to speak. I had noticed for some time that every time I Googled for a problem/solution, there was always a link to a string at the TechSpot forums. Then one day, I open a newsletter I subscribe to and, low and behold, the feature article is how the TechSpot forums stand out from the rest for it's expert and friendly help.

    So, here I is, Rick going by the handle of RiSki.
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