HP dv6 could not load hard drive even after testing it on another laptop and it's working properly

Apr 6, 2016
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  1. After showing the first display I mean d logo, then it will now be blinking at the left - top corner of the screen like as if it want to load the hard drive and that's all it won't go beyond that and I have changed the hard drive connector, test another One on it still not loading. Even changed the Ram and removing the cmos battery still no changes. Pls help

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    My Toshiba satellite P200-10. Is not showing any data on the screen after changing the flex and d screen because the screen has some dents on it and d flex is bad. I know that the problem is now on the motherboard, a particular ic or spider ic or component which is responsible for data transfer has got damaged which I don't really know. So Pls my fellow engineers, Kindly tell me what to do or other ways of solving the problem you can even send me the picture of the board and indicate the ic to change or check. @
  3. bazz2004

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    Laptops are hard to strip down let alone work on the motherboard. This one is really old. It's not worth the trouble of trying to fix it.
  4. Leeky

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    I had the same laptop recently doing the same thing. It turned out it was the motherboard. Sometimes the num or caps lock indicators will flash. You may be able to Google the number of flashes to get more support if they're doing that.

    It isn't worth repairing and it appears to be a common fault with these.

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