hp pavilion dv6152eu black screen and beeping..Need advice

By vpuida
Sep 17, 2007
  1. My friend has hp pavilion dv6152eu. When you press start button,screen is coming black and you can hear 3 beeps. One long and two short. But sometimes it's starts normaly!!! Everyone says that video card is broken, but if the video card is broken l think it wont start at all,but now sometimes it's starts,sometimes not. ones this site helped me to unlock bios password for my dell,when no one could help me,so l beleve this time as well l will find the profesional advice. And sorry lads for my english :)

  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    Get the beep codes from HP tech support... they tell you what is wrong. It is either the Video Card or memory.. or perhaps just dirt and hair around the cpu... as crud stacks up fast in that model.
    If you have been using that computer as a gamer, it is definitely the video graphics card.
  3. vpuida

    vpuida TS Rookie Topic Starter

    l think if it's video card broked it wont work at all, but we will try to clean it up if it's works :) you are genius :) the computer was using for everythink, including a games. Thanks
  4. Tedster

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  5. vpuida

    vpuida TS Rookie Topic Starter

    l still don't beleve that is video card broken:)
    maybe somethink is wrong with video card,but not broken :)

    thanks anyway ;)
  6. Dingo35

    Dingo35 TS Rookie

    I have the black screen and the 3 beeps on my DV6152 eu, but it happens ALL the time.
    Worked perfectly last night, came home this evening, and nothing.

    Can someone tell me where I can buy a GFX card (UK), and could I use this opportunity to change the 7200 for a 7300 or 7400 ??

  7. vpuida

    vpuida TS Rookie Topic Starter

    l'm not sure,but i think that video card is integrated. So the only way is to change motherboard,wich cost a lot :)
  8. Tedster

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    90% of laptops the video is integrated. You need to take this computer to the shop.
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