Huge Lag Issues!!!

By DirtTurtle
Apr 26, 2006
  1. my motherboard was reset about a month ago and now im having huge lag issues, getting no where near the frame rate i was getting on the same games i normally play ( Delta force black hawk down (normally 70-160 FPS now 64 max), AA and bf2). I was wondering if any1 one could give me advice on how 2 fix (ive done driver re-installs and stuff), would this be cmos issues, ive heard it may be something 2 do with my intergrated graphics but not sure settings

    Im kinda not that good with comp hardware so here are sum basic specs, plz ask if u need more, and i know it is a crap pc but it does the job with those games i just want 2 get it 2 run how it used 2

    CPU: 3.0ghz pent 4 (not sure which, sorry guys)

    Motherboard: Foxconn 661FX4MR-ES

    Graphics: Radeon 9600 pro (256mb)

    RAM: DDR 400

    CMOS/BIOS: Phoenix Award Bios (all details i can give on that)
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