Huge thanks to y'all frm Xsquibbit

By xsquibbit
Mar 27, 2009
  1. Firstly I would like to thank everyone that takes part within Techspot for great advise and for what seems an extremely friendly community, I have seen peeps with questions in the past of which I would of loved to help out, well I decided to join, afterall none of us would get anywhere in life without a little help!.
    I had been redirected to this site once and I've used it ever since for all my problems, "pc problems that is!". I'm no pc wizard just learning as i go along, my first pc back in 2004 - I had to build myself as I was expecting help from a friend who let me down, I looked at all the components and nearly wet myself, rather than just sell it all, I decided to have a go! so I bought 3 or 4 copies of micromart and delved in at the deep end.
    Teaching myself was probably not the best way to go about it but 3 processors later (not realising I had not connected the cooler "YeS TwicE") I had myself my first working pc that I'd built and installed myself and from this point on I've been hooked, now I can pretty much sort most problems i come across and if I cant do it myself I just turn to the likes of you guys/gals, thanks to the wonders of internet!
    Hope to get to know some of you and make new friends aswell as help with anything I can...Stuart. ThanX!
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