I cant get anything installed, "error creating registry key"

By aliz
Aug 2, 2005
  1. :dead: ok, first of all, my computer was full with spyware, adware, malware, trojans, you name it, so I decided to download a program that could helpme fix it, wait but before that I tried installing Msn messenger 7.0 and it created an error message because i dont have iexplorer 6.0, so I tried to download it but it wouldnt let me it said that there was an error creating registry key code 1009, so I scanned my computer for viruses and thats when i found out all the trash I had. So first I try downloading Spyware Blaster

    Error creating registry key:
    RegcreatEx failed;code 1009
    La base de registro de configuraciones esta daƱada
    (my computer is in "spanish", though many things are in english)

    so that was the beggining of hell, the only things it let me install were Hijackthis, Xoftspy and I already had spybot, but still they wouldnt fix the problems so I had to do alot manually, I thought if all the trash was gone the error would be fixed, but it seems not, so now i dont know what to do!!! please help me!!!

    Ps. the message is always the same, the only thing that changes its the program name
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  3. aliz

    aliz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, I tried with the first link but to run the scan I needed to install java 1.4.2, i accepted to download it but it happened the same as before it couldnt be installed:

    Cant open key HKE_LOCAL_MACHINE/.../{7148F0A8-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0142000}

    so that was first link, the second one just opened blank there wasw nothing there.
    I thonk that the problem needs to be fixed directly on the registry but since it wont let me installed something to do it for me perhaps it has to be manually but i dont know much of this stuff so please help me!!
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