I end up back at my desktop when trying to play on pogo or just moving around the net

By shannon
Jan 14, 2007
  1. Well I hope I'm at the right place to ask my question if not someone please let me know, sorry I'm new to all of this. Ok here goes. All was fine until Dec 10th went on to play on pogo choose my game, clicked the room to go in , when the window came up for the room and looked like it was going to load It all went away and I was back at my desk top, I later noticed it happins with other places as well. here is what I have done. I tried a different browser, turned off my accelerator, turned off AVG, disk check , cleaned my tower (inside), defraged, was even told by gateway that I needed more memory so yes I bought more memory 512 mb plus 128mb. I get no error messages when this happins, I have done nothing different to the computer before putting in the new memory. Oh and I'm not very computer literate. So just plan talk would be nice. Thank You any help would be so appreciated.
  2. Rik

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    Its probably caused by spyware, go have a read of the stickies in the Security and the Web forum and make a new post there then we can check your pc for problems.
  3. shannon

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    thank you rik

    Thank you I will see if i can figure that one out.
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