I get really choppy sound on my Realtek HD audio

By Xecutor
Oct 5, 2009
  1. Hey guys,

    I'm confused as to the reason why this occurs but when I run games like Crysis Warhead, Hellgate London, Doom 3, and even Diablo II LoD, the music is annoyingly choppy and this has not changed even after installing the latest driver from Realtek's website.

    I noticed the problem happening after I installed the 64-bit driver for my GTX260 core 216 (186.83 and up). I currently have driver 190.63 from nvidia, and I am running Windows 7 64-Bit RC.

    Please help?
  2. red1776

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    Hey X, how are ya?,
    unfortunately i have heard this a number of times, and the answer might be a compatibility issue as you are running the RC version of 7, one of the pitfalls. are you running just 7?, or dual booting with Vista or XP?
  3. Xecutor

    Xecutor TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 118

    Hey red ^_^ Im great! I just connected my rig to my 40" TV and Im playing Crysis warhead on Enthusiast settings on it. It is sinfully gorgeous! The sound is the only thing that has started to get to me. I don't dual boot vista (but should I?)

    Could it be the videocard though, because I've noticed something peculiar about the clock speed of the GPU. It fluctuates from 400Mhz to 716Mhz, but only dips to 400Mhz for a second or two. Is that normal for the GTX 260 core 216? Is that what keeps its temps so low? (40C!!) I have a hunch it is messing with the audio somehow, but I might be wrong. Do you see any connection O' great one? :D:D
  4. red1776

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    that flex in core speed should just be the power saving and throttling up. my cards idle @ 160Mhz core and 250 Mhz memory, and throttle up to 740/1020 when in use. I asked about Vista/XP just because you could run the same games in them and see if you had the same problems, its tough when running a beta OS because anything can be a bug and its hard to pinpoint is all. it looks like you have been in device manager and it reports your sound device as working properly? i would try downloading the drivers and making sure that all traces of the previuos are completely uninstalled before reinstalling. like i said I have seen this problem a few times with others and it appeared to be a conflict with 7.
    BTW, Warhead looks good on 40" ey? what type of TV are you using? i might have to try that :)
  5. Xecutor

    Xecutor TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 118

    :) Thanks man, I will try a clean driver update this time and see what happens.

    Yeah, Warhead is great on 40"! I have a 40" Samsung LCD HDTV. The gameplay is smooth even on the ice level I am on at the moment. Hard to evade those aliens, esp after I managed to wreck the hovercraft lol!
  6. Xecutor

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    Curiously enough, with nvidia's release of driver update 191.07, the choppy audio went away, so did the fluctuating clock speeds for GPU and VRAM!

    Right now, the VRAM and GPU are clocked at 100MHz and 300MHz respectively acc to EVGA Precision and GPU-Z. Temps are around 30C (idle)!! Interesting to say the least; and yeah, no more choppiness in Crysis or HGL.

    Have you ever heard of this kind of correlation before??
  7. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,219   +157

    are you kidding/ drivers are everything when it come to graphics :) LOL, glad it wasn't a win7 thing.

    ....and whats the matter??? cat handle the hovercraft!!! well!...cant ya!? LOl :) glad it worked out X
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