I go online yet i cant print to my network

By jaffan
Feb 1, 2005
  1. Here is my problem,
    I have a wrieless router with a few printers connected to it (wired) and i have a few laptops share the internet connection and printing. as simple as that. there isn't any server or anythink like that.

    I can go online and browes the net. when i try to add a printer i cant see anything in my network places. the network card i am using is a linksys external. when i changed my network card to a netgear i did see the network. and i printed. but when i switched back i lost everythink.
    i am runung windows xp home.

    what i am i missing, if i can go online that means i am receiving ip config from the router so my dhcp is working . what i am i missing?? please help me ???
  2. jaffan

    jaffan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    in aonther word

    Though I am connected to the network (ie. I can go online), but I cannot see any computer in my network places.. Can someone please tell me why this happens and what is the fix to it??
  3. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    I would check the DNS settings in the TCP/IP of the Linksys NIC. If you go into network connections and double click the linksys connection. Then double click the TCP/IP protocol. This should be the area where you can set DNS, make sure it's all auto, or at least that it's pointing to your router.

    You might also go into this same area but on the netgear card, make sure both NICs show the same setup. See if there is anything different between them.

    good luck
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