I had blue screen crash !! please help .

By Pavel_Nedved_11
Sep 7, 2007
  1. my PC :

    XP PRO SP 2
    GIGABYTE - P31-S3L
    INTEL E6750 2.66 GHZ
    2 GB 800 RAM
    SATA 250 GB
    ATI HD 2600 XT

    This is what I'v got at blue screeN :


    i think the problem caused by this : win32k.sys

    anyone have any idea what is going on in this case ? need help .
  2. JJ77

    JJ77 TS Rookie

    While loading Windows if the blue screen occurs it means first you please check your installation cd - or a faulty ram allocation it will not beep but while loading the files in to, its stop repsonding then the OS will message for the missing file. this is what happening then you should replace and put compactable rams.

    PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED ARENA - this error is game realted error or a high hardware requirment means your computer is not compactable to use that program and its connected with the VGA memory / Computer memory issue only - Remedy replace VGA card with a high configuration one same time increase the computer memory too - Specifically all ends in RAM
  3. Pavel_Nedved_11

    Pavel_Nedved_11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    first of all thank you for reply and share my problem .

    It was useful what you said . but some say its 80% of the blue screens caused by software and the rest by hardware .
    i can see that my problem is from the anti-virus . I have norton 2007 and I removed it... so the blue screen never show up again to me and ill try to work without the anti virus few days then I will tell you whats going on .
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