I need help to update my bios

By doaf
Jul 4, 2007
  1. Well i hope u can help me with my little problem.

    Recently i had a problem with my motherboard, is an Intel Desktop Board D845WN all began when i tried to put a memory Kingston KVR 100X72C3/512IS, originally i had installed two Value Ram KVR 133X64C2/256 and one Apacer 512 UNB PCL133 CL3 since i put that memory I cant boot with my hard drive, the Bios dosent allow me to choose them to boot, some friends told me to update my Bios, but really dont want to do that, not alone, thats why am asking for your help so u can tell me what to do.
  2. raybay

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    Updating the BIOS is a bit dangerous, but if you follow all the isntructions it is pretty safe.
    First, I would try removing all the memory except one module of 256. Then reboot to see what happens.

    For the BIOS, Go to intel and read this:

    ore read the info release:

    You will find the BIOS at

    The BIOS is named:

    P15 dated 05/29/2003

    Intel lflash.BIOS.update [HV86AP15BI.EXE] or similar

    Just click on the right where it says "download"

    If your computer doesn't need it, it won't install.

    It is best to copy it to a floppy disc then boot to the floppy to install it, unless the Intel instructions are different.
  3. doaf

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    I tried to remove all memories, also i tested one by one but the problem persist, in some cases the Bios gave me some garbage in the options and cant understand none of the options, later ill post an image that i taked with my cell, just in case u, thanks for the help i just downloaded the update, but really want to be very sure before i run the update.
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