I want to run my CPU cooler with a speed controller

By Rik
May 21, 2005
  1. Hi all, I have a minor problem which I could do with some advice about.

    I am running an overclocked AMD XP2000 on an MSI 745 ulta, my CPU cooler is a big Coolermaster that i was given with a blown speed control. What i want to do is run it from a Coolermaster Aerogate II controller. My problem is that my motherboard wont start up if it cant sense the fan and the Aerogate wont adjust the speed if it cant sense it too. I'd like to route the sense wire to both, ive tried it by soldering 2 yellow wires to the fan and running one to the Aerogate and one to the motherboard but my system wont boot like it.
    I was wondering if i could get away with either a diode or a resistor between them. Any ideas would be apreciated.

    Thanx in advance (and I gotta say what a great site this is), Rik.
  2. Jamezz98

    Jamezz98 TS Rookie

    What about just disabling the CPU Fan sensor in the BIOS. This way the motherboard will not try and detect the fan at boot and carry on anyway. It's in the same page where you set temperature alarms

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