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By wolfblitz
Dec 9, 2009
  1. I have created a lot of shortcuts on my desktop but they are boring (see pic supplied) so I spent a lot of time searching out icons off the web or making my own from pics(all for free) everything was ok untill I turned my pc off.......when I turned back on all new icons had gone to be replaced with boring ones again.......if I redo them how do I make sure they stay put this time

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  2. scuzzo

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  3. wolfblitz

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    Hi scuzzo
    thanks for your reply they look interesting will check them out
  4. compdata

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  5. wolfblitz

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    Hi compdata.......... I'm running windows xp
  6. compdata

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    Thanks. I saw some similar articles on how to rebuild your icon cache for XP as well. I didn't look to much into it, but just be carefull about the age of the article as it appears that there were some changes between pre SP2 and SP2+ for XP in the way the icon cache is handled.
  7. tipstir

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  8. wolfblitz

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    Hi compdata thanks for your reply will look into that but...... what is the cache and what does it do??

    Hi tipstir thanks for your reply I had a look at the link you posted but the problem isnt with icons provided by windows they are ok its the desktop shortcuts like Techspot that I assigned custom icons thats the problem
  9. levithomas

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    You must right click each icon and replace it with the one you have downloaded and stored in a folder. right click the Icon and choose "properties" then click " change icon" find the folder and choose your icon. I only run XP and this never affects your system icons, located in C:\WINDOWS\system32 > shell32.dll . Its always good advice to use this method as your never messing with your original XP icons.
  10. wolfblitz

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    Hi levithomas thanks for your reply
    I think I may know why my problem has occured tell me if I'm wrong.......Ok I download a picture from the internet put it on the desktop---make the image into an icon,again store it on the desktop---put the shiney new icon on the techspot shortcut then delete the originale picture download and the converted icon.....when I reboot because the original is not on my pc it doesn't reaper on the techspot the problem that I didn't store the originals in a folder as you pointed out and if it is does it matter where they are stored??
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