ICS not working,please help!!!

By james_k1988
Jan 12, 2005
  1. right heres whats happening, i used to bring my comp down to my pals bit and network them using ICS (we both had xp), all we done was plug them in an it worked, simple as that. but now i got upgrades for my computer and we have a problem that has been driving me :hotouch: ****ING NUTZ

    in my system i hav an onboard sis 900 based pci ethernet card and a netgear network card, a FA310TX and it is connected to a broadband modem through ehternet, broadband goes 2 my sis an my netgear goes to my pal. what happens is when we plug them in and run networking wizard all is well....for 5 mins. after a few mins my pal (client) just gets disconencted from teh net. i have tryed EVERYTHING 2 get it back on but its not 4 happening. i tryed installing the IPX/SPX thing but all that got going was the file sharing (which wosnt working either) i've tryed putting the netgear card in2 his com an changing the ip, gateways an all that stuff (scanned through forums for every prob i could find close to mine) still nothing. i have to say it helped a bit because be4 when i tried to connect to a program called MSN (sure you know it) it imdediately said "there is a problem connecting to the internet" but after adjusting the gateways i managed to get it connecting for a while lol. all the settings are on DHCP. i Really hope someone can help cause this has plagued us for a few weeks now, thanx

    by the way my pal has onboard card as well and he has xp home, and I have xp pro and neither of us have SP2
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