ICS using dial up in 2k can't see host or call on dialup

By videobruce
Jun 23, 2003
  1. I have read the M$ KB articles on ICS and dial up, but can't get the client to call the dial up on the Host (Gateway) computer through a wireless NIC/router setup.

    I looked at the settings and both are on the same domain name, both have the IP address set for automatic. ICS is enabled on the host.

    The setup is:

    Host (Gateway, tower box) wired NIC
    Client (Laptop box) wireless NIC

    Win 2k
    Compaq CP-2W router.
    Dial up ISP.

    Host can see client, but client CAN'T see host or call up the dialup.
    Dialup works from host ok.

    What am I missing? Hope this makes sense.
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