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By Minion_of_U
Jan 12, 2008
  1. Hey, i bought a new dvd burner the other day, with a SATA connection. The problem is, i only have IDE ports on my motherboard. I bought an IDE to SATA converter from ebay and connected it and everything seemed to work fine for a few minutes. After that, it just stopped working. It wouldnt burn, it wouldnt play dvds, or anything. I rebooted and it worked fine for another minute, then stopped again. It will stop working when playing a dvd usually after about 10-30 seconds, it varies even with the same dvd. When copying files to the disc to burn, it also drops out pretty soon. Do you think the IDE to SATA connection is causing this? any way to help? Ive tryed putting it in primary ide slot, secondary... I just get the same results. Does any1 else have problems with these cable converters?
    If it didnt work at all, ide blame the converter and say it was faulty, but it does work fine for a while...
  2. saik0pod

    saik0pod TS Rookie

    Same problem for me except i used on-board Sata and it was a hard drive. SOme people suggested jumping the drive so it operates at Sata I 1.5GBPS. Unless the Sata Adapter Supports SATA II.
  3. Minion_of_U

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    What would "Jumping" it involve?
  4. Minion_of_U

    Minion_of_U TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    I know this sounds strange, but is there any way to slow down the data transfer? I think the cheap converter i got from hong kong is overheating, and that's what's causing it to crash
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