Identifying Ram

By james_k1988
Jun 23, 2005
  1. Im always trying to expand my knowledge about computers, and i usually do it from this site, and here i am back again with anotehr question :blush:

    Its about Ram this time. Now up till now i only knew ther were 2 kidna of ram, DDR and SDRAM , the difference being that SDRAM had 2 slots on the stick and DDR only had one. Ive never really understood the who pc2700 thing either, i didnt think that mattered, compatibility-wise anyways. But it turns out i was wrong. As i's working on gettin my m8 sum new ram and i told him to send me a report thing so i could c wxactly what kidna ram he had, so the one he got would fit, and i got hit with this
    " 256 MB (PC2700 DDR SDRAM) "

    This has got me stumped lol so teh main questions are, how do you tell how many slots (or gaps) the stick has just by that kidna info, and if it fits will it still be compatible with this whole pc2700 thing?

    hey if i dont ask ill never know lol ;)
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