If I were writing to Craigslist...

By abecedarian
Oct 31, 2015
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  1. Okay, I know this sounds nuts. But if I wanted to contact Craigslist, about a possible systemic problem I've encountered relating to posting ads - given that they are very secretive and unresponsive, what kind of employee position should I look for - system administrator? software engineer? ops? csr?
  2. abecedarian

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    Almost 100 of you looked at this, but none of you are conversant enough with IT to have a suggestion about job titles or positions?
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  4. mailpup

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    Those 100 could have included bots and guests who are not authorized to post.

    Your post is confusing. If you are trying to contact someone at Craigslist about a problem with their site, try posting to their feedback forums instead of trying to contact a specific position.

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