Ignorant laptop Question

By LPDruck
Jun 3, 2006
  1. well this may be a dumb question but im having a problem with my laptop regarding video playback.
    specs: Toshiba Tecra 9100, 512mb ram, Pentium 4-M processor, 60gb HDD, S3 Super-Savage integrated graphics and video (this is where the problem is and i realize the Savage is a pathetic excuse for video) however I atleast figured it would at least run my old StarCraft and Brood War expansion as well as the original Diablo... and yes they do run smoothly... but as a little square on my screen, not taking up the full 14 inches.

    i understand that the super-savage might be too weak to run it in full screen or at a higher resolution but i cannot even find the properties or configeration controls to atleast try... its starcraft and diablo... visual quality isnt a big concern lol

    like i stated this may be an ignorant question, but could there be any possible way to increase the games to full screen?
    - LPDruck
    PS- if its any concellation it will play video in full screen, which baffles me why it will not play a game full screen.
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