In-ear headphones hissing and Logitech G19 issue

May 31, 2016
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    I bring you two issues I've encountered as mentioned in the title.

    1. I've had a Logitech G19 gaming keyboard for quite some time, and recently the display started blinking constantly. The keyboard works, as well does the USB, while the display and G-keys are a different story. I tried restarting my PC and replugging both the keyboards power cable, as well as the USB. No luck.
    By sniffing around I've also figured that the Logitech Gaming Software does not detect the keyboard, and the keyboard is recognized as a "HID Keyboard Device", instead of G19 Logitech Keyboard, as it should. Thoughts?

    2. I've bought a Razer Hammerhead in-ear headset. At first glanse it works fine, but I'm experiencing odd white-noise and hissing. When using Chrome there is no issue, but as soon as I enter something sound-related, it starts acting out.
    The most odd places I've experienced the issue, is in my Recording Devices tab(not Playback devices, only Recording) and using Teamspeak 3, where it goes completely nuts.

    Despite the headset being plugged into the keyboard with an USB adapter, I doubt the two problems are connected.

    I hope you can help, kind regards!
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    Could that still be an issue, when I only experience the issue with my Razer and not when I plug in the Logitech or another in-ear headset?

    I know it sounds like it's a hardware error, but it just happens with all razor equipment as it seems - maybe they're using other drivers, settings etc.?
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    We have no specific evidence which indicates otherwise. Negative is not necessarily the contra-positive and the inverse may be true.

    Resolve one issue and the other may be easier to resolve.

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