Information on the Saphire 9100 128mb

By yukka
Mar 11, 2003
  1. i havent read anything on many websites about this card, and ive been looking for reviews for weeks. there dont appear to be many.

    i have this card. it appears to be a rebadged ati 8500, although i have read on some sites that it is more of a rebadged 8500le.

    it is clocked at 250 for the core, and 200 for the ram. this is substantially less than the 8500 pure.

    i have tried to overclock it. the applications that are designed for the 8500 work with this card. there is a large fan placed over the core but i have yet to be able to overclock without artifacts.

    i have run it very briefly without crashing at 275/266, which is the highest the card will go with the overlclocking tools supplied with rage3dtweak, but there were artifacts in 3dmark2003, namely random green pixels in various of the textures.

    any other overclocking seems to result in the same green pixels over time, not immediately but im assuming its as the memory heats up.

    i want to get a couple of ram sinks for it, then i think it'll clock better (any advice on good ramsinks etc would be appreciated). i can run unreal tournament at 1600 with all the settings on max, and its still immensly playable. at 1024 its perfect.

    3dmark scores on a 1.7 athlonxp with 512mb and ata133 harddrive are around 7800. i nearly got to 8000 by reducing to 640*480. it was not quite the awesome score i was looking for but still alot better than my old geforce2mx. oh, and the card only cost me £72 plus p&p, which is alot less than the 8500, currently around £120 in most of the places i have looked at.
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