Installing new ram, Compaq Presario, will not start.

By KidsWitProblems
May 23, 2006
  1. Hello,

    We have a Compaq presario 5000 we are working on and we have it running with 256mb RAM, the computer will work when we have 2 128mb sticks in it. When we put a 3rd stick it seems to not start, and also when we tried to put 2 256mb sticks in, it would not start. All the ram is SD, any information would be appreciated. As for RTFM, we are working on junked computers, trying to make whatever working that we can. Any links or general help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. TypeX45

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  3. KidsWitProblems

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    That site is very helpful but, we are working on a compaq 5000, and according to that site it is able to run 256mb SD, and even if that was the max total, not that max per stick, the comp wont even boot up with 1 256mb stick in it, ill double check my model informatioin when i get the chance to make sure
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    I wonder if you need a bios update to handle 256 mb ram sticks?
    Check the compaq website for your machine and see what the bios updates are for as sometimes they note what each bios update does or what errors it corrects or what faster cpu it allows, things like that. Worth a shot anyway.
  5. TypeX45

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    Also has the memory been tested and working properly
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