Installing second HDD as slave and booting from that drive if sys files are there.

By fobtimus
Feb 11, 2005
  1. I haven't really got a problem just wan't to make sure I've done things right. Now I have a pretty old pc: P111 800hz 512 ram 20 gig hdd gf3 ti200; and have installed a second hdd (120 gig) as a slave on the IDE connector. Now my OS is win 2000 prof, and that what was on my primary drive before I installed the second drive, now I didnt bother to back any of the stuff on my my primary drive as I had figured as it is remaining the master I wouldn't need too(??). Installation of second hdd had little or no hassle, i had gone to setup bios and did autodetect on new IDE device which it did. It requested bootdisk so in goes my 2000 prof boot disk, I formatted, and partitioned new drive as ntfs (master was using a fat 32 partion). From there on I ened up reinstalling my os completely and even when it rebooted I had figured it would have booted from the original hdd, but it seems to be booting from 2nd hdd as I had to reinstall everyong which wasn't too much of a problem as it was a matter of copying alot of them from one drive to the next. Everything seems to working ok. Would it be possible for me to delete sys files on primary, as it is booting off secondary as far as I can determine.
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    I am not sure why you reinstalled W2k on the Slave because you could have formatted the new drive from the w2k on the old drive.
    However it does not matter, you can delete the original install on C:\ ,Win2k will operate in any partition as long as the MBR on the 1st active partition is intact.
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