Installing Windows XP through a network

By Eddie Gates
Jan 13, 2005
  1. Ok, this is a very serious inquiry, and ANY feedback at all would be greatly appreciated..

    I have a laptop with no cd-rom and no floppy drive. It has options to boot from NIC, USB Storage, and a few others that are N/A because of the lack of removable drives.. I've tried using the iPod as a boot device, with no luck.

    This is specifically what I am trying to do..

    I need a walkthrough, FAQ sheet, or any other info that can help me setup XP through my network. I have the laptop linked to the network, and the boot options are configured to boot from the on-board NIC.. How do I do this?

    Is it even possible to fully install XP Pro through a network? I read about the "User State Migration Tool" everytime I setup XP from the cd, but I cant figure it out.. can anyone help?

    The laptop is a Dell Latitude D400 and has a Pentium M 1.4ghz cpu with 512mb DDR on-board.. it also houses a 40gig hard drive on which I want to install XP. No other drives are present, and there's no way to add any either.. That is precisely why I need guidance here.. H-E-L-P

    Thanx, Eddie Gates 3rd
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    W2k RIS server and deploying XP

    I do have a RIS server and deploy w2k with it. But we will be getting a new XP lab and I want to get an XP image on the RIS server. I have read all info from MS and know about the update for the Riprep tool.
    I have 2 problems.
    problem #1 is that according to article ID: 304314
    Will this change the RemoteINstall\Admin\I386 folder such that I will no longer be able to deploy my w2k images??? I do not want that to happen. I have 550 w2ks. Will I get the NTOSkernel (not matching) error messages, when I deploy w2k after the hotfix?

    problem #2: according to article ID: 304314
    When you first create the RIS server, you put the w2k CD into the CD drive and the I386 folder is put in RemoteINstall\Admin\I386.
    So I need an XP image on the RIS server for this to work (i assume that is what is called a 'flat image')?? How do I add the XP I386 onto the RIS server(step-by-step). I don't think just copying it into the RemoteInstall\setup\ english\images in a folder '' folder is the answer. OR is it that simple?

    In another article 'Using the Remote Installation Preparation Tool' a requirement is:
    I think this is the 'flat image'...I have the same questions.. How do I get an XP Risetup image on my RIS w2k server?
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