Intel D975XBX not starring

By racerblur
Apr 7, 2007
  1. Ok, I followed everything to the "T" and it doesn't boot. I have a D975XBX with a Antec 550 Neo Power Supply, I have Kingston RAM to the exact spec that is required for this motherboard (believe me I check twice and confirmed with tech support). I have a Core Duo 2.13 6400 and ASUS 7800GTX PCI-E video card. After installing everything into the case... The motherboard light goes on -- fans go on.... cd-rom spins up as does the hd... but I get nothing... no beeps, no video signal, just fans spinning and motherboard light. I check my cables again and again... took the processor out twice... re-seated the ram... again...and again... same for the video card.... I dunno... any suugestions? Is my motherboard fried? I would think I'd get a error beep or something? I get nothing... not video... no beep...

    Thanks in advance!

    Damn typo on my thread... not starting (not starring) haha ... I haven't had much sleep... trying to figure this out... sorry...
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Check for any shorts i.e. any places where the mobo might be touching the case and shorting out. Then try replacing the PSU as a last resort. If those two don't work, you need a new mobo.
  3. prodigyb

    prodigyb TS Rookie

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