Internet Connection Issue (Wireless)

By Daddy O
Jun 10, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    I have a little delimma. I have a cable modem which is connected to a Linksys wireless router. 802.11G

    I have configured my wireless router to allow for multiple user access (5 to be exact). My desktop (which I'm writing from now) can access the internet all day long no problems.

    However, when I try to access the internet through my Laptop (Sony Viao), I am having issues.

    I know that it has to be something related to my laptop specifically, because my friends can come over and (with key) can access my network connection with no problems.

    I can see the icon in the sys tray showing the little red x. I right click to view wireless networks...I see mine because I'm broadcasting my SSID, I have encrypted the network and I have manually entered my WEP key to connect to my network but its a NO-GO.

    My wireless card adapter on my laptop is internal and is powered through an on/off switch on the laptop (which I have on).

    I have tried repairing the connection by right-clicking the connection icon and choose repair. I have tried to connect by clicking on the connect option in the network list view and manually entering my WEP key. But it just goes and goes and never connects.

    I have also tried ipconfig /release and /renew BUT, when I do that, I see that my media state says Media disconnected? I'm pretty sure it says that because I have a connection that I use sometimes at work that requires me to use a physical cable connection. It shouldn't effect my wireless connection...right?

    If anyone can help me in trying to determine why my Laptop won't connect to my wireless network connection, I would be greatful.


    Daddy O
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