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By xtheblack9x
Sep 2, 2007
  1. ok this problem has happened to me living in 4 different places with all different modems and routers and even several different computers. but after about a month or so of some hardcore video game playing with usually multi computers with the versus people playing online games and such, the internet starts cutting out all the time. usually when playing online games or allot of bandwidth is being used then the internet will just stop working for about 5 minutes. I think its worse with cable then DSL. Any idea why this is? are most routers or modems not used to such a work load? do i need like better hardware for larger bandwidth pulling? or does anyone have any ideas to what might be happening.

    just ask if you want more details
  2. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    Is your PC the only one on at the time of the drop-outs?
    With home routers/modems/etc and with home internet connections, whichever PC requires the most amount of bandwidth at any time will more or less get it. This saturates your link and can cause drop-outs.

    Try testing your network while your PC is the only one using the net (with all others switched off). It may work fine, it may not. From there we can tell a bit more about what is happening and whether it is hardware related, your internet connection or even software.
  3. xtheblack9x

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    ill test this next time it drops. But it will drop sometimes when no ones home but there is still a computer on when it does so. also i know its not a good idea but my connection goes from a router to a hub to a router again. but even before this used to happen with only one router.
  4. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    I did like you said and i shut off the other computer once i got disconnected everything worked out today so i think that might have been it but the other computer was in sleep mode I'm not sure how that makes a difference. I'll have to keep trying this to see if it solves it. If indeed this is what is cozying the constant drop outs is there anything you can think of thats a more permanent solution instead of telling everyone to turn of there computer?

    Thank you for your help i appreciate it.
  5. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    One or more PC's are hogging bandwidth. There isn't much you can do about that other than ensure torrents or file sharing programs aren't starting with Windows (amongst other programs).
    If all PC's are on together, there is small, layer 2 and 3 traffic running all the time (arp's and such), but this shouldn't really affect your internet speed much.

    Disable startup programs that connect to the internet on all other PC's and monitor your connection for a while. As you said earlier, it seems to work ok when others aren't on, so one or more programs may be connecting externally in the background on one or more of your PC's.
  6. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    thanks for your help I'll do just that.
  7. tipstir

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    What are you working?

    Hardware wise?
    If you're a real gamer then you should have a system that doesn't need a lot of stuff to load only the bare min. Just OS, AV, Firewall (optional) Fast Heavy duty Router (Dlink DI 43001 wired)
  8. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    ya but always running ventrillo and xfire. also allot of times someone will be playing WoW when im playing like Counte Strike Source or Battlefield 2. useally i have AV off when playing games. Im going to go look at the router online and check it out.

    So fare the internets been doing good though think the shutting off computers when i have a problem fixes it.
  9. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    man it happend again :(. my girlfriend came over and brought her computer we played some games for a while then bam no internet. I turned off all the computers in the house then turned on only one and the internet still didn't work right for about 15 min.
  10. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    so do you think its the hardware thing?
  11. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    Have you as yet upgraded the firmware on your router?
    You could obtain another router and test it for a few days, but only after you have exhausted all options with your current router would I say that it is hardware-related.

    Upgrade the firmware on your router if you already haven't.
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