Internet Security 2010 Malware

By ras527
Dec 23, 2009
  1. I have Maleware that appeared on my computer after opening a file I received from a close relative. The maleware says my computer is infected with spyware/viruses and wants me to install a virus package titled Internet Security 2010. The malware has disabled my internet connnections and displays a message about every 2 minutes warning me of the risks and to immediately download the software. Has this happened to anyone? If so, how do i go about removing it. I am using Norton 360 and Maleware Bytes.


  2. Bobbye

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    Don't understand how it disabled connection AND warns you and says to download!
  3. ras527

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    Internet Security 2010 reply

    Bobbye, I don't understand either. I ran Norton 360 scans and Malewarebytes scan, removed what they found and rebooted computer. "Internet Security 2010" software notification still present and warnings of viruses present are still there, Still requesting me to activate the software, but internet connection does not work.
  4. ras527

    ras527 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Internet Security 2010

    I was able to download the latest Norton 360 virus definitions to another computer, burn them to a CD and install on my infected computer. I then ran the virus/spyware scan again and a virus Trojan.FakeAV was found and removed. After restart, the virus was removed, except for the icon on the desktop. However my internet connection using IE7 and IE8 still does not work, but the connection using Google Chrome does work. I think my next step is completely remove IE7/8 and do a reinstall. Not sure how to remove the desktop icon.
  5. pimpmypc

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    If you still have the malware icon just delete it. Do not double click it I think it would reactivate it. You could also run dr.web Cureit its free and no install and is really good.
  6. Bobbye

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    ras527, if you'd like me to help with the malware, please follow the steps HERE. Attach all 3 logs when finished for review.

    You can also include the log from Norton. After reviewing the logs, I'll know better whether to have you scan with additional programs and which ones.
  7. ernieJohnston

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    I just ran into this BEAST today on a friend's computer that he shares with his teenage soon. After using a USB converter to connect his hard drive to my laptop and taking over three hours to scan with the latest version of Malwarebytes with updates, which cleared the malware, the computer wouldn't let the users log in completely. It would start and very quickly log them back out.

    Had I known that would happen, I would have stored his files first and reloaded fully as I finally did. Hope I don't see that again!
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