is it mobo? or just the agp slot?

By 18sx
Mar 13, 2007
  1. my specs:
    Mobo : asus p4p800-uay
    chipset : p4 2.6 HT
    SC: Audigy
    VGA : Geforce 5700.

    so here is the problem,
    the pc itself started but there is no picture from monitor, right to say that the monitor led is blink... its like it getting nothing from the vga.

    for your info: VGA is fine, Chipset is fine, Monitor is fine, PSU is fine. i tested this to another pc..
    i had re-assembled the pc again, nothing change.

    could it be agp slot broke? is this so? can agp slot be change?
    i try with another vga, the samething happens, nothing from monitor.
  2. fangjangler

    fangjangler TS Rookie Posts: 31

    It may just be that the card is defective. I had the same problem a year ago but with a Radeon 9550. I would try returning the GFX Card and getting a new one.

    Though you said you tested the card on another computer...I am not sure what is wrong.
  3. FrostX

    FrostX TS Rookie

    to check what is the problem remove all the hardware inside, try switching on without the ram, if an immediete beep is heard the ram-slot is ok, then try the ram in the first slot, if it normal beep is heard..fine, if it doesn't try it in another slot, if there is a beep, this MB maybe like Most Gigabyte MB, there ram should be installed in sequence or the ram is not working. then try it with the vga installed, if there is a normal beep, the vga and the agp is fine, the problem might be with the moniter.

    if the Moniter still does not work try ur computer in another moniter, if still the problem occurs then it has to be in the motherboard or the PSU.
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