is it worth money to upgrade memory

By i_need_answers
Nov 25, 2004
  1. hi, I was wondering if I have 256 2100ddr memory would it be worth it to buy a 512 mb. My computer ism sometimes slow and freezes and I was wondering if the more memory would eliminate that. thanks for your time. and If anyone knows of a website I can get 512 2100ddr then please post it here or send to me thanks.
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    You can leave the task-manager open (CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC) & see your memory usage while you're using your computer. If you're constantly around or even above 256mb, it might be a good idea to get an extra 256mb.

    There's no need to specifically look for PC2100 Ram. PC2700 & PC3200 DDR Ram use the same connection interface & will work fine at PC2100 speeds. The small price difference between PC2100 & faster Ram does not justify going to PC2100.
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    i would defintly recomend this site

  4. i_need_answers

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    I think I get it

    So if i were to get a higher level than 2100 it would work on my comp. but would the more than 2100 be faster than 2100 even on my comp which on most memory sites only recommend 2100.
    plz clarify thanks
  5. Didou

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    If you mix differents speeds of Ram, they will all clock down to the slowest so in you case all the Ram modules (PC2100 & faster) will set their speed at PC2100 or 133mhz (266 DDR).
  6. i_need_answers

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    ohhh ok

    but what if I were to take out my 256 2100 and put in 2-512's at a higher speed would they work with my prossecer no matter the speed??? if so would I notice a speed change if I upgraded to a higher memory level? Thank you so much you have been unbealivably helpful. Btw is 2100 better than 3200; is the higher the number the better?
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    In the case of memory bandwidth, bigger is better so PC3200 is better then PC2100 that's for sure. When it comes to your system, it won't really make a big difference as your memory can only provide so much bandwidth that your CPU needs & your CPU doesn't need much above what a PC2100 Ram module can provide. You can keep the PC2100 & just add the PC3200 Ram module to enjoy the benefit of having more memory available but you won't really gain much from the faster memory.
  8. i_need_answers

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    thanks so much!!!!!!

    you are great this helps soooo much its like talking to a professional. thanks and I think some stores sell 3200 less than 2100 so I would much rather buy that. Thanks so much for all your help. this is a great website and I feel I'll be learning alot here. k bye. Im off to buy some 3200. thanks
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