Is my card dead???

By disco2disco
Oct 19, 2005
  1. Hello all,
    I just put a Geforce 4200 in my system. I turned the computer on and windows xp detected the card and installed it's drivers. Everything was working fine for a few hours until I decided to install the drivers that were on the cd that came with the card.
    The next time I booted up the screen went blank (seems like no signal is being sent to the moniter) after about 60 seconds of use. I restarted and booted into safe mode, the same thing happened. I then booted into vga mode and uninstalled the card. I booted up again and let windows install the xp drivers. I restarted the system and the problem kept happening, But now it's started happening on the first screen I see when I turn on the machine (Cpu speed, IDE drives, etc).
    Is this card shot?
    If so, whats the cheapest video card I can get with video in/vivo (preferably not ATI based, I've never had anything but trouble with them)?
    Thanks in advance.
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