Is my motherboard bad?

By Princess26w4
Jun 15, 2007
  1. I went to turn on my computer one day and I got three messages all saying the computer could not read all three of my drives then I got a message saying could not load OS. So I put my hard drive into my other Computer and it worked fine I even tried to put a different hard drive in the one that did not work and I got the same messages. I checked all connections and changed all the wires nothing seems to work am I missing something or is my motherboard bad? Help please
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Can you give a little bit more info. Such as how old your MOBO is, and how long has it worked since this happend?
  3. Princess26w4

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    I just got the computer when my friend died 6 months ago so I dont know much other that it was rebuilt a month before he died when he got it.
    The computer is a dell optiplex Gx111o the way the inside looks I think that the motherboard is the original I was just going to let my daughter have it so she can get off of my computer
  4. gavinseabrook

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    You might want to make sure that all the cables are properly seated and on the right pins. Also check your jumper settings. See if your drives get detected within the BIOS/Setup
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    In this situation I like to go to a minimum configuration. All you need is the bare minimum CPU, Mem, and Video card. See if everything works correctly and has no errors of any kind. Then add one hard drive jumpered as a single hard drive. If the system bios sees the drive then great your motherboard is looking good. If not then I would hook up a CD ROM drive and see if you can boot off of a Bootable CD of some kind (XP install CD, Knoppix, etc...). The idea here is to check things out one at a time until you find what is actually causing the problem.
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