Is there a system for recovering files on a flash drive?

By jadechronic27
Nov 30, 2006
  1. Recently, I've been having trouble with my flash drive. I was trying to converts some files on my drive, but I used another computer besides my own. While it was converting it said that some of my files were corrupt, which brings me to my first question. If files are corrupt can they be fixed?
    Secondly, when I tried to open up some of my files, the names had changed from my orginal text to random numbers, and when I opened the file it pulled up a blank page like the document had never been written. It only did this to a few of my TEXT documents, not all of them. So my second question is, is there a system for recovering files on a flash dive? If so how and where do I find it?
  2. Tedster

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    provided you haven't overwritten the files, you need to use a file recovery program. There are many on the net, some better than others- there are also free ones.

    To avoid file corruption on flash drives, do NOT hot-swap. Always stop the device before unplugging it.

    NEVER store something on a flash drive that you cannot risk losing. Flash drives by their very nature are unreliable. They use static ram as a storage medium.
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