Is this real? Encrypting 500GB HDD in five seconds?

By georgetok
Jul 2, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I was looking for a software that would easily Encrypt my 500 GB HDD without much of technical knowledge.

    I looked at "TruCrypt" "Cryptic Disk" "Hide & Protect Any Drive" ...etc.

    But they all required mounting & Unmounting & other stuff.

    Then I came across a software called "StorageCrypt" which Encrypts a 500 GB HDD in less than 5 Seconds. I didn't believe it so I downloaded trial version & tried it & it did something in less than 5 seconds. But I couldn't tell if it really encrypted the HDD or just did something else that would open with a Password. Here is the Link to download free trial.

    Other software took a long time to encrypt & involved many steps.

    Can anyone tell me how to verify if your HDD is Really Encrypted or not & whether this software is for Real ?

    Thank You.
  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,415   +67

    As far as a brief check around the web indicates, it seems the software is genuine, and the security it offers is 'adequate'.

    One caveat would be that small software houses by their very nature lack the resources to thoroughly test their wares in each and every circumstance. They are often very lacking in the area of customer support too.

    It would be unwise to trust that the software is 'bulletproof' and the consequence of suddenly being unable to decrypt one's own data could be disturbing to say the least.

    In no way am I saying 'dont do it', merely that you should take precautions to ensure you also have unencrypted backups available too.

    In my case, I use truecrypt for my private data and find it excellent in every way. The process of 'mounting' and so forth can be made virtually invisible to you, and I feel happy that truecrypt is a well-established and highly-respected product.

    Assuming you want to pursue StorageCrypt, there is a way you could check for yourself. You could download a free-standing Linux desktop, such as Ubuntu. You burn a CD, boot off it, and then you will be able to view your entire HDD in it's native NTFS file system with no involvement of Windows at all. This is what a 'cracker' would do.

    A look around will tell you if the whole drive is unintelligeable, or whether the storagecrypt product achieves it's amazing speed by just encrypting common 'user areas'. Even if it only does that, it probably does all you need it to do.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 13,848   +394

    YEA . . . nothing worse than having a backup that is worthless as the program that created it is missing or broken :(
    All that time and effort was wasted.

    The professionals create a Disaster Recovery plan where:
    1. critical data that needs to be backed up is identified
    2. a schedule and means of backup are created & documented
    3. the schedule is implemented
    4. and by goosh, a full restore is performed at least annually
    and one or more of the encrypted files are decrypted and accessed as proof of recovery.

    One alternative (but difficult to implement) is to decrypt before backup and then reencrypt when done - - the backup is a plain file - - just in case :)
  4. Rabbit01

    Rabbit01 TS Booster Posts: 932   +44

    I was able to find all three on CNet. Plus there are user reviews. But nothing for StorageCrypt. Tried Google too, hardly anything. My first reaction is to stay away from it.

    I used Truecrypt before on a USB drive, it wasn't much of a hassle. Now, a USB drive w/ hardware encryption. Anyway, Truecrypt is free and there a beginner's tutorial on their web site if you need help getting started.
  5. Jan Skala

    Jan Skala TS Rookie

    Have to write a view to the software Storagecrypt.

    Recently - I tried to find some simple encrypting software, just basic (I do not have some extraordinary data to protect).

    Found Storagecrypt. Did download trial. Installed. Encrypted USB disc. Fast. It is really very fast. Does not encrypt all data, only filesystem, but for me this is enough.

    It was some basic encryption (I did not use the deep encryption option there) - and I really need that - basic encryption, as already mentioned.

    Unfortunately, I lost possibility to decrypt it. I did not know the reason. There was an issue, I did not know what.

    Then I decided to send the e-mail to the support. I just completely explained the issue. Support exchanged many e-mails with me, explaining what needs to be done - to help. Really, lot of details. There are procedures for helping users and I have to say that I was amazed how everything works.There is even specific extra software (made by that software company, of course) which may help user a lot, when some problems are starting.

    Finally, it was found that I had pressed Fn key on laptop keyboard during password input. :)

    It was not based on assumptions, but as a result of specific investigation.

    So, today - problem was resolved.

    Most important is - that - product is working good, very good, it is encrypting filesystem very fast, and only experienced users would be able to bring data back (not all of data and - not in well organized folders, there will be a mess, for sure). Deep encryption would even not allow that. So, for basic encryption of, for example USB drives - Storagecrypt is - perfect.

    To say that I was amazed would be understatement. I got answers to all of my questions from support.

    I got solutions.

    And that is important.

    Have to say that, from some of those so called "big" companies (related to software or hardware products, and ISPs, for example), I never got such support. That was the reason I am writing this review here, and not only here.
  6. ghola m

    ghola m TS Rookie

    Are there any software similar to StorageCrypt that are free to use?
  7. Clairbekki

    Clairbekki TS Rookie

    I have not used encrypter, I know few about computer related knowledge, but I know 500GB is not small space, seriously I don't believe StorageCrypt can do this in only 5 seconds unless one's computer is super powerful. Tell me if I am wrong. Also, I agree with your point to stay away from it if cannot find it on neither Google or other authorized searching engines. I am not saying it is spy or virus software, just in case, thanks.

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