Issues loading videos on Vista, please help

By feemackenzie198
Mar 8, 2009
  1. hi, im currently using vista home premium.

    everytime i try to stream videos online they will buffer a few mins then wont load any further, in divx player this means refreshing page but i cant get past 5 mins of watching. i normally press pause at the start of a video and let it all load before watching, but it wont load more than 5mins at a time.
    in other flash players i can sometimes click play after the buffer and it will buffer a further few mins, which is very tedious!! it was fine up until a few days ago. heres the things ive tried to rectify the problem so far and still no joy:

    *system restore to a point i know it was working.
    *deleted all temp files and cookies
    * reset explorer
    *installed all updates for windows
    *installed latest verisons of all players i use
    *installed latest codec pack
    *done a disk clean up
    *contacted my isp who isist there is not a problem and tested all my connections to prove so.
    *turned off my firewall

    its as if the info is being dropped somewhere but i just dont know how to fix it. all other web pages and download speeds are fine, its just when i try and stream a video. any help would be much much apreciated as i stream alot of videos online, if i cant do this my pc is pretty much useless to me!

    thanks for any ideas, help and advice in advance ;)
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 6,978   +362

    See if installing a new graphics driver helps.
  3. feemackenzie198

    feemackenzie198 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi mate, ive installed a new graphics update, and still no joy, i had to restart the download countless times too, its driving me insane, but thanks for your help.
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