Issues with a 2000 server BDC that had a failed DCPromo

By bengal320
Oct 17, 2011
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  1. I attempted to promote a 2000 member server to be a BDC in a single server domain. It seemed to complete successfully, but later I found that it did not. I now have multiple issues with the server. I see the following in Event Viewer:

    In the system log I am receiving SAM errors 16650.

    In the Directory Service log I am receiving NTDS Replication errors that full synchronization did not occur.

    In the DNS Server log I am receiving Event id 4013 stating that the DNS server is unable to open the Active Directory.

    In File Replication I am receiving a 13565 error. Apparently the SYSVOL cannot be created.

    I do see that the user database did come over from the PDC, however I am also receiving messages that I cannot create new user objects until the BDC can sync with the PDC.

    I am researching all this stuff but not really knowing where to begin. I have tried to DEMOTE the failing BDC, but since it cannot attach to the DNS server (the ip address of the PDC) the demotion fails too.

    Any thoughts are GREATLY appreciated.

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