itunes and external hard drive

By acadia11
Dec 30, 2005
  1. We have 3 ipod users on our computer. The amount of music stored for them has sucked up all available space on our hard drive. We got a seagate external hard drive and was able to transfer files to it quite easily. The problem is that if we click on the i tunes icon it can't find or connect or whatever to this "F" drive. If we go into itunes and change the location of files, it seems like it reverts back to the C: or the name of the F: is inadequate and it can't make the connection.
    Seems like there must be something simple I'm not doing. Any suggestions?
    Do I need to reinstall the ipod progam to the F drive?
  2. bigbrat41

    bigbrat41 TS Rookie Posts: 54

    What software is on the F drive?

    Per title?
    I have an external HDD and when I transfer data to it the file receives a simple name like F:/My Music as there is no Operating system on this drive, just data. There is no path like the I-tunes should require (ie. C:/Windows/I-tunes) (seat of the pants path description).
    My suggestion (guess) is to first install I-tunes on the drive and try it. If this does not solve your problem
    -Move the files back to C drive
    -install Windows on the F drive and then move the files back to the F drive and try again
    -if that does not work I must assume (I hate that word ) that I-tunes must also be installed on the F drive.
    I love computers but sometimes they are worse than dealing with a stubborn baby.
    Good Luck
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