ITunes Burn Problem

By Nitrogen
Jun 6, 2008
  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to create a backup copy of my iTunes library and have hit a snag. I am using a DVD+RW disk and there is already my previous collection on it. i Tunes will not write onto a disk with stuff on it and windows says it cant delete the stuff on the disk because it is read only, ironicly it says just write over the disk and delete the stuff that way.

    I have tried:
    Setting the iTunes>Edit>Preferances>Advanced>Burning setting to data CD/DVD
    Changing the files on the disk by unchecking the read only box but errors appear and it won't do it.

    Can anyone recomend a way to override the disk's protection?
  2. i-hate-my-iGP

    i-hate-my-iGP TS Rookie

    Open up your CD/DVD burning software and go through the help file to find out how to "erase" the disc.
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