jetway 867as aspi prob with audiocat

By acecableguy
Mar 21, 2002
  1. Hello again....:confused:
    Ive stumbled onto a little problem. I've built 3 PC's l8ly with the jetway 867as mobo VIA Apollo KT266(VT8366) chipset. All running XP. Audiocat doesnt work using aspi on jetway 867as mobo's. U can only use 1speed......... Any ideas. The same version of audiocat is fine on my ali chipset mobo... Any1 useing any other mp3 ripping software on the jetway mobo and XP that works or if you know how to make audiocat work then please tell..........

    Thanks in advance

    All pc's using athlons 1.4 - 1.6.... radeon agp 64ddr's. sb live and 5.1 soundcards.
  2. acecableguy

    acecableguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dunno why but.........
    downloaded cd ripper... which is *crubby from,10615,108155,00.html
    During installation it gives u the option of updating the aspi driver. Then rebooting. Ran the cd ripper..........Didn't work (worked on my pc though, but lame program) uninstalled it, rebooted and ran audiocat and it works fine now........

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