Just how important is L2 cache

By swker98
Jun 16, 2006
  1. I see that amd is dramatically lowering prices on their 512 kb l2 cache x2's come the end of july, now im wondering the difference between the 4600+ and 4800+ snice its almost an extra $300 is it worth it for the extra cache
    all i will be doing on it is alot of gamming and online stuff
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    The difference between 512mb L2 cache and 1Mb cache, and what it will do for you really depends on what you use your system for. As you seem to be the "gaming" type, the 1Mb L2 cache is something you should seriously consider.

    Basically L2 cache is special "high speed memory" where your system stores active information for easier access.

    The difference for socket 939 systems using 1Mb L2 over 512Mb L2 is noticable, a 5-10% increase in performance.
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    thanks for the responces

    fastco, that link was great it really helped

    DonNagual would you say its better to go for the faster cpu (4600+ with 512 cache) or the slower cpu (4400+ with 1mb of l2 cache)

    thanks guys
  5. DonNagual

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    The 4600+ is going to give you overall better performance than the 4400+ with it's higher clockspeeds, so if it is a choice between those two, then I'd go for the 4600+.

    Then again, the 4400+ (with 1Mb of L2 cache) would easily overclock to the 4800+ specs.
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    im still a little scared to OC yet, its kinda complcated with divders and such

    i guss i can try with my 3000+ without incresing v-core or ram volts

    the 4400+ is like $100 more expencive but is slower with more cache

    thanks don
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