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By themanwithaprob
Jul 10, 2007
  1. hello members, readers and all people who surfin´on this forum

    its good to be here, a forum with so many threads and posts....

    i want support for differnt things and when i can help at everywhere i will do that.....this is the reason for me and all people here isn´t so?

    so peace to ya all

    ps. any questions email to
  2. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    Hello and welcome to TechSpot. :wave:

    It's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    I do recommend editing your post above to remove your email address. On a public forum like this, it's liable to get picked up by spammers.

    Meanwhile, please check out the following threads. They will help make your TechSpot experience a more enjoyable one.

    Techspot FAQ.

    A message for all newcomers.

    SNGX1275`s guide to making a good post/thread.


    Regards :)
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