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By sleepydoll
Feb 28, 2009
  1. Hello all I came across this site looking for some help for my mother.. And decided to join as there seems to be some pretty good info on here and maybe I can even contribute and help out a bit myself.. I'm a 36 yr old mom of two wonderful young and 2 VERY spoiled pit bulls.. I've been dealing with computers every since the 7th grade where we wrote basic programming on I think they were Tandy 2000's something like that.. (I'm telling my age with I've worked on pc's for some time mostly hardware and networking.. I do some cleanings and basic stuff like that.. I don't do it that often anymore so I'm a little rusty with some of the newer stuff.. I've done tech support for Verizon DSL and now am a fiber network tech for their Fios product ( which is great (in my opinion))..
    Anyway I'm going to end this little short intro if you have any questions plse feel free to send me a msg or reply to this and I'll respond as soon as I can..
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