JVC Everio Camera timestamp wrong

By James97304
Mar 16, 2016
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  1. I have a JVC GZ-EX310BU camera, which has displayed the time correctly since it was new 3 years ago. This problem seems to have been brought on by leap year, as it was not an issue before the end of February (a video from Feb. 27 that is time-stamped correctly confirmed that). Now, when the video is imported to the iPad it displays a time-stamp of 23-hours prior to whenever it was actually recorded (it was 24 hours, but the time change last weekend caused it to change by an hour, so now it is 23 hours behind). A further analysis of the files discovered that the created and modified dates (and the corresponding UTC dates) show up correctly. So, only programs that read the Encoded date or Tagged date will display the incorrect time-stamp. So far, I have tried the media in a different camera, tried the camera with different media, tried to update firmware for the Everio camera (it was already at the current version, 1.1), tried removing power/battery, changed the time setting, changed the time zone, changed the format (AVCHD did not record tagged/encoded dates, but it does not import to iMovie), and reset to factory presets. The camera knows what day it is (it displays Wednesday, March 16, 2016), but still uses these erroneous values. I downloaded mediatab so that I could see what data was available and that made it easy to determine which entries were incorrect. Since the software knows what the current date is, my thought is that it is a firmware issue. Has anyone else run into this issue with this camera?

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