Kernel problem?

By Demon2k3
Mar 28, 2007
  1. Recently i have been getting alot of b.s.o.d in different processes here is the info.

    Theese are the log files
    Problems signature
    BCCode : 77 BCP1 : C0000185 BCP2 : C0000185 BCP3 : 00000000
    BCP4 : 0094D000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

    The following files are included in this report

    Any help is apreciated.
    I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong forums(as i am uncertain of the nature of this problem))

    Edit : forgot to spec hardware and os
    OS: windows XP

    System information
    K7VTA4 motherboard
    2800+ processor
    2x kingston ddr2 512 ram sticks ((synced))
    Maxtor SATA drive
    Geforce 6600gt
  2. NCSUFrenchie

    NCSUFrenchie TS Rookie

    Sounds like you have a bad hard drive. You are probably losing sectors, so I'd back up everything you can before doing what I am suggesting (because testing the hard drive like this can irritate a problem and cause further data loss, but its just about the only way to diagnose the issue).

    Here is Microsoft's analysis of the problem:

    My recommendation to you is that you run this tool, called Drive Fitness Test. It's best to download the cd image of it and boot from it that way. Make sure you run the advanced scan. Hitachi has it for free on their website:

    Let us know how it goes and good luck!
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