Keywords that Apple don't like?

By SnakewordMan
Jul 16, 2014
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  1. Hi, I have just a problem with the Apple app store approval process.
    I have a puzzle app and am writing puzzle packs for it. This work is an ongoing thing and periodically the idea is to bring out updates with new packs.
    The problem I have just had is that I wrote a pack and called it "world cup" as the idea was to bring it out whilst the tournament was on. Apple sat on it for weeks and only now the thing has finished have they said they weren't happy with the use of that name. The pack has still not been approved and I have had to call it something else.
    Has anyone ever experienced anything of this nature before? It will be difficult to create puzzle packs for a specific event if Apple won't allow it, or do I just need to get in really early?
    Any advice, greatly received.

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