By skarex
Nov 30, 2006
  1. Hi, I didn't know where else to post this, so i guess this is the best place.

    Im a college student on his way to becoming an electrical engineer, however, it will be another year or two b4 i get into hands on courses, and im very interested in learning basics about eletronics, id love to take things apart and put em back together. So my request is for any guidence as to where i may be able to learn and get an intro on understanding basic devices, such as remotes and clocks and things like that.

    I hope my question is clear enough, may sound silly asking for online sites on the subject, but im sure some exist.

    Basicaly, i read the forums here and i'm impressed by how much alot of you know, and i just really wanna see myself in that position some day.

  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Hi skarex

    Dont know about anyone else but I learnt by pulling stuff apart and seeing how it worked, if I broke it I went back a few steps to see what I did to break it, hardest thing I ever had a problem with was a motor shaft and commutator from a hand blender, got it back together in the end, ( mind you I was ten years old at the time)

    There are plenty of web pages I bet about electrical gizmos and how they work but you cant beat actually pulling something to bits to see how it ticks.

    I remember ( ahh memory lane) pulling apart my laptop to see how it went together, all the screws did go back in apart from one,,, any good repair man will tell you there should always be at least one screw or bolt left over when you repair something,,, or is that just me ???

    I saw someones tag line somewhere that read " all electrical items run on blue smoke, if you let it out it wont work again"....Wise words...

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