Lag/ high ping/ mouse problums

By zulus
Sep 3, 2007
  1. ok i play this game called soldier front, i use a DSL connection right and my usual ping is about 57-78 now there main server is located in cali, and i live in illinois not that fare of a distance but the thing is, is that my ping jumps from 78-200 or 78-500 and 500 is the max ping is will show on there server,

    now i just upgraded my grapics card so i dont have grapic lag no more but i have connection lag now.

    i bring my pc to my girl frineds house and she is useing Cable and my ping there is 50 and only jumps to about 78.

    my fire wall is disable i use spy bot/ adaware remover se, and i clean my pc out every time b4 entering into a game, now i don't have a good virous protector just free one off of and i use free house call virous scan too dubble check after useing AVG- virous protector but 90% time nothing shows up....

    now the problum with my mouse is i just bought a new wireless mouse, it is rechargeable now the issue is my curser jumps on the screen witch interfears with my game play couses me to die alot lol... :(
    now its a new mouse what can cause this on my old wire less mouse i never had this problum but this new one it happends every 5-10 mins while playing the game

    it happends at the worst time while playing a game, now it dosent just happen while playing game it happends when just clicking or moveing the mouse on desk top while im not running any programs or any thing so what can i possably do to stop this or prevent it ?

    im at work right now so i cant really give u all my system information off hand right now, and i might for get where to find this link so if u have any idea's or if you really want to be a pal!!!

    can you e~mail me with some help at

    please, ill be your Best Friend!
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