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By nepluto
Mar 17, 2007
  1. Hello. I was wondering if any could help me find the right program im looking for. Currently i administer a LAN connected to an internet connection through a DW4020. I am trying to find a program that i can use to monitor traffic from all ip's i have issued out to users. I am trying to regulate downloading as much as possible since currently we are in iraq and the choice of internet is either slow or none. so to make users happy we limit downloading during peak hours, but of course i can't really do much about it unless i go to everyone's computer myself and check for downloading programs. any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. tipstir

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    Show Traffic with WinPcap

    The above is a network sniffer works wonderful you'll need WinPcap it will ask you to download it. Both are free.. Also LANSpy is another one that's can scan your network also tells you whois login to the PCs on the network..
  3. nepluto

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    well lanspy doesnt really monitor anything. it gets information about each person on the lan. I don't need. They all live in a 50ft radius of me. lol. What i need is a way to monitor NET traffic from them. so i can see what they are downloading. I was hopeing i could find something without haveing to put anytype of server on their computer but that seems to be the only way
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