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By Moe_Sizlak
Dec 2, 2006
  1. Here is my disclaimer - I don't know much about technology.

    I recently bought a used laptop for the purpose of giving it to my parents, along with a webcam. My goal is to download skype on it.

    My home pc is connected via dsl and i have a wireless modem. i tired to connect the laptop to another phone jack in the house thinking that i should be able to connect to the internet. Seems i'm wrong because i cannot get a connection. What would be the preferred approach to accessing an internet connection on the laptop?

    I suppose i could replace my desktop with the laptop to the dsl connection but i loath the idea of pulling wires off something that works (and putting the connection back on the desktop and have it not work). And i don't really want to buy a card so this thing can read off the wireless router also. Is there another choice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. kindled_spirit

    kindled_spirit TS Rookie

    You do need to buy a PCIMA or a USB dongle (looks like a flash drive) to run it via Wireless (most laptops come with wireless built in and so should just connect from that ur only other option is if its' a 4 port wireless router ur using to connect to the network is a Cat5 Ethenet cable (standard networking cable) and connect that to the router.

    Also if u do look into router u need an ADSL router if ur with BT or Cable router if ur with NTL (in the UK) for ur phone line.
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