Laptop processor sockets

By Cyber
Sep 6, 2007
  1. Hi sup guys... I have a question.... see right now my Inspirion 6400 is running a core duo T2050... and i wanned to upgrade it to a core 2 duo T7600 ... and it wouldn't be a problem for me if this was a desktop but since its a laptop i have no idea abt the sockets... i guessing that they are standard like the desktop... but even if the socket is the same for both processors but how do i know that my mobo actually supports core 2 duo... any help would be great….

    Thanks in advance for your help…
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  3. Cyber

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    hi sup... and thanks for the quick reply... u said its not possible but y not can you be more specific... the link you posted does not have anything on supported processors at least I couldn’t find it.. can you quote some text from the link... thanks again
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